My Mama

Today is a pretty important day in my life. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of a beautiful woman who was born on this day who would later bring me into the world. She is gorgeous, thoughtful, loving, fun and caring.

She’s my mama. 

Mama 2

Danni + Blake's Wedding

photo credit : Gregory Bodwell

This woman has had a significant impact on my life. When I think of my mama, I think of faithfulness. Growing up, I always saw her modeling what it meant to love Jesus. Even when things were hard or challenging, she always turned to Jesus. I’d see her reading her Bible, going to prayer groups, praying with my sister and me, and constantly putting others before herself.

I was a pretty rebellious teenager (sorry about that, Ma), but her love for me was unconditional. I always knew that she wanted that best for me. When I was going through a hard time or making poor decisions, she’d always be pointing me back to God. Since I wasn’t super pleasant to talk with, being the all-knowing, cocky, prideful high-schooler that I was, I remember her often leaving me notes. Long notes that expressed her love for me, reminded me how much greater God’s plans were, and challenged me to take an honest look at my life.

When I failed, which happened regularly, she would always embrace me, cry with me, and encourage me. Never once did I hear “I told you so” or feel ashamed to come to her. We’ve also had countless fun and hilarious memories together, that make me smile to reflect back on.

Mama, happy birthday! Thanks for being one of my best friends, encourager, inspiration, and cheerleader. I wish we were celebrating today over our favorite time together with Danni, breakfast. Hot coffee, bran muffins, scrambled eggs with avocado and fresh fruit on the side. So this morning I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast thinking of you, looking forward to seeing you this summer and continuing on the tradition.

Thank you for the incredible influence you’ve had on my life. You will never fully know how grateful I am for you and what a huge role your life has played in mine. Thanks for loving me so well, welcoming Jordo into our family and being the strongest and most courageous woman I know. I love you!


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